02 October 2007

PK server

Recently, I came up with the idea of having a PK only server.
This is not exactly a totally new idea, there were some previous suggestions, but until now I didn't really consider implementing it, mainly because I didn't think we'd have enough players to actually play there.
But after posting about it on our forums, and having a poll about it, it seems that there is some interest in such a server. We have a saying in Romania: "Pofta vine mancand", the word by word translation would be "the appetite comes eating", meaning that sometimes it is necesary to start a thing, and then things will fall in their place.

This new server will be quite different than the main server, in the following ways:
1. Most of the maps will be PK, with the exception of Isla Prima, the underworlds, and the cities (only the cities, not the whole map).
2. There will be a level cap for attack and defense, at level 100. This cap might be initially lower, and increase in time.
3. Some negative perks will be removed, so that players won't be able to artificially pump themsleves up.
4. As a result of the above changes, the economy will be totally different, and there will be all kind of alliances, protection fees, possibly territorial control and fights, and so on.
5. Rostogol stones will be cheaper and less rare, and no other items will be sold from the shop.
6. Less moderation, no rules against multiplaying, however there will be a one time 5 usd fee to start playing on that server.
7. Since most of the updates on the main server are now targeted towards high level players in non combat related skills, this PK server will not be updates as often.

Now, obviously, this server is not for everyone. In fact, the average EL player won't like it much at all. But it will cover some special needs, and who knows, in the future it might work better than expected.


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