29 August 2007

The astrology system is on the main server

After a few days of extensive testing, the astrology system is finally in the game. It's not 100% done yet, I still need to implement two modifiers, and the astrology reading stones, but so far it seems to work great.
Most of the players like it, although it did create a lot of confusion (which was not unexpected).

I expect the whole thing to be done in another 2 weeks (including the testing), and then I can focus on other things. I don't expect to add or modify anything related to the astrology once I am done with it, so it is important to do it well.

Once I am done, I will start working at the landmines and finish that code, so it can be tested with the CVS client for the client update (which should be somewhere in November).
Speaking of client updates, I think that it is best to keep them rare, something like 2 releases a year. Too many updates are not good, they thend to confuse some players, and the more often we update, the more bugs creep in. When the updates are rare, there is more time to properly test them and remove most of the bugs.
For the server updates, I think that 10-14 days is the best, to give time to the players to adjust with the previous changes, and to make sure that every update has enough new things/changes in order to make the players look forward to it.


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