31 March 2009

New stuff

I have decided to focus a bit more on events and bringing more strategy to invasions.
Until recently, the invasions revolved around being strong and using the best gear. For the high end monsters, only the fighters had a real chance, and there was very little team spirit.
With the last monster, Mare Bulangiu, and to some extent with the Bulangiu, the things changed a little. Those monsters are pretty hard to fight in melee combat, due to their high armor and damage. In order to kill them, it is best if you employ some different methods at the same time.
For example, people can harm them, while the archers can shoot at them, and the summoners can summon rats to save the tanks some hit points. And with the last Mare Bulangiu, people actually did that.

So now I was thinking to improve that a little. I want to implement a few new things:
1. New summoned monsters that will be relatively cheap, but be better tanks than the rats, who die in one hit. Another monster would have the mirror skin perk, which can help a lot. Maybe even something with the self destruct perk. This new monsters would need a relatively high summoning level, however.

Then I can add some special mines that do more damage vs invasions, and some special arrows and bolts that can have some new effects over invasions as well. I am not sure when I will add all those new things, but I hope I'll do it in a month or less.
Afterwards, a lot more people can contribute to the defeat of the evil forces :)


Blogger rogerdv said...

Would be nice for lower level players to participate as healers or something like that.

31/3/09 08:33  
Anonymous GoldDragon said...

lol that was really funny fightin the mare bulangiu.

31/3/09 14:23  
Blogger Radu said...

Well, they can participate as healers, no one stops them, and some even do.

31/3/09 18:26  
Anonymous Bat17 said...

Perhaps we need an "invasionLess" perk :-) Like MM but works both ways, Invasions creatures wont attack you but you can't attack them either. Then those of us not intrested in fighting can get on with our game in peace :-) Make it cheap to get and expensive to get rid off!
Not sure how you would stop some ppl using it to harvest DB's during the fighting though.

1/4/09 11:00  
Anonymous bkc56 said...

Then I can add some special mines that do more damage vs invasions, and some special arrows and bolts that can have some new effects over invasions as well.

This would be really great, but please remember that when a group takes down a big critter, very few share in the drop. So these new items should be cheap, and therefore work on invasion critters only (useless for PK and possibly training too).

Some months back on the PK server I helped take down a black dragon. I Spend over 24K in magic arrows. That's to much to spend with no chance of drops to cover the cost.

But if these special invasion-only arrows/bolts were 10gc (like training ones), lots more people would be able to help in these team efforts.

8/4/09 16:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a noob to EL, and reading a little about the work you've put into it over the years first I have to say thanks for the time, dedication and for suffering the low return financially that comes from this level of 'writing'....by that I mean a writer can not possibly get enough compensation for his or her efforts, thank goodness we have people that do it for the love of the game!

As I said, I"m a noob, learning and referring back to rpg'ing I used to do sitting around a table years ago with others that shared similar interest and created characters and played the game by rolling dice...we created characters and found a lot of our personalities extending into them....some of us wrote storylines and created maps, monsters, NPC's and weighed out the hit-die vs/ player ability to kill...plus the coinage and treasure to be split up among the adventurers.

In EL I've found myself in its underworld many times so far, killed lots of rabbits to turn into gold, now killing more to manufacture items for experience and sell the stuff for gold so I can purchase essences so I can go into battle with animals and get experience healing myself. Trying to use each hour I have available to raise as many attributes as I can at the same time.

My thought on improvement of the game is, allow certain low level items, such as defensive related armor or even certain types of weapons to survive a random drop better than others...also I've broken two quarter staffs, lots of bones and basically see no point in saving up coins to purchase weapons...as I said, I"m a noob, and am probably going through much of what a noob goes through getting to know the game and how to work within it. My character is based on an NPC I used to have in a game I ran....and it will develop, just slower....here it will also round out more rather than remain focused on a couple of traits....anyway, just my two cents...back to hunting rabbits with a bone....it's actually very effective for a two week old character (actual time)....and again, THANKS for the time and heart you've put into developing EL...it shows....and I hope to see my characters growing within it....it's very gratifying to say the least.


18/8/09 19:42  

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