25 January 2009

Update on the new engine

The new engine Xerafax has been working at is going pretty well. Right now, it can load and display all the EL maps. It is not yet ready to be integrated in the client, because there are a few things still missing (LOD for the objects and reflections, the shadows system is buggy, the water is not displayed properly yet, and all kind of other small issues).
However, it should be good enough to finally start working at that map editor.

While I've been waiting to start working at the editor, I did a few nice things on the server side:
Implemented the potions god quest.
Added a new random day, where there invasions happen more often and are stronger.
Made a new potion, called potion of Speed Hax. What it does is double your speed, but will consume 1 unit of food every 2 steps (50% chance per step). Once the food level gets under a certain number, you will stop for about 1 second, then you will revert back to walking.

I have a few other things in mind, such as some new random days, an archery god quest, and maybe a new shape shifting form. I am not sure how many things I'll be able to do until I start working at the map editor, but I will probably be able to work at the editor and server without neglecting the other.

09 January 2009

Update tomorrow.

We are ready for the 1.8.0 update, I uploaded the clients, and the update and download page.
This client should be pretty stable, and it is, hopefully, going to be the last client using the current engine. I am not sure when the next update will be, probably by the end of the year or in early 2010.

There are a few nice features we have in the 1.8.0 client:
1. Support for riding (for now, we only have horses, but in the future we can have other mounts).
2. Support for running. This feature has been requested for ages, and we finally decided to implement it.
3. Some GUI improvements and minor bug fixes.
4. Updated artwork (3d objects, monsters and textures). Now some parts of the game look much nicer with larger textures.