13 September 2008

Shapeshfting again

Well, it seems that the client crash mentioned in the previous post was actually due to the server sending something wrong. Once that was fixed, shape shifting works fine for the most part.
However, there are a few issues with special effects. The problem is, most of the special effects were done assuming that the actor that casts spells or get harvest effects are human like, and have a hand bone.
Since mules do not have such a bone, that leads to a crash. Error checking FTW :D
The bug was fixed in the CVS, but not everyone can build their own client, and the abuse potential was high. For example, triggering a harvesting event or casting a spell on someone while being a mule could have caused arbitrary client crashes for those around you.

Initially, I wanted to check every single special effect, and if the person who casts a spell or receives a harvest event is a mule, do not send that effect to anyone.
This is pretty tedious, because there is a lot of code to modify (all the harvesting and spell effects), and I wasn't really excited about doing it.

Today, however, I came up with a better idea: It is not realistic (as far as realism goes in a game) to have a mule casting spells or harvesting resources. In fact, it is not good for the game to allow that, because then everyone would be shapeshifted to a mule for anything that has to do with harvesting and manufacturing.
The idea of a mule is to CARRY stuff, not to do everything a normal player does. The game would look really boring if everyone in every mine or around every storage is a mule.

The way I see it is to have the mules as support player types, for example one player harvests while others goes and mules their resources to the storage (for guild projects, or for a fee).

So I decided to disable spell casting, harvesting and manufacturing for the mules, and possibly for the other pets as well. Because that will make the mules less usefull (to the power players), I will either make the polymorphing tokens and food cheaper, OR increase the load capacity of a mule. I am not sure which way I will go yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mule harvesting wasn't a very big problem since they couldn't hold tools. That pretty much limited them to flowers.

As to no spell casting, that makes mules (and other possible shapes) extremely vulnerable to attack since they can't heal/restore.

Any future shapes that might have PK usage would need to not be so limited.

14/9/08 15:23  
Blogger Radu said...

Obviously, mules are not really meant to be used in combat areas.
The PK creatures will probably either be able to cast (some) spells, or they will have some other advantages to offset this handicap.

15/9/08 04:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the mules emu increase rise with each level?

15/9/08 11:32  
Blogger Radu said...

Yes, each level will increase the EMU.

21/9/08 00:12  

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