10 September 2008

Shape Shifting

Recently I started working at the shape shifting skill, and almost implemented the mule (90% done), and I ran into a big problem:
The client was not designed to dynamically replace an actor with another, so it crashes :/
This means that we need to fix the issue on the client, and then have a client update before we can add shape shfting in the game :/
There is a good news too though: We MIGHT implement two new, very cool and secret features that pretty much everyone will love. They are (almost) implemented on the CVS client, but they need server support (which can take a few weeks or more). So probably the shape shifting and the other cool features will be available in two months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I added a feature to change the shape to Calindor it did work properly when "teleporting" the player to the same location.

I'm not sure if you've ran into a different problem but at least "teleporting" did the trick.

12/9/08 12:56  
Blogger Radu said...

Yes, we fixed it already.
The problem was that I was sending the actor type as an enhanced actor, even though it wasn't enhanced. It is strange though, because if I do the same thing before the login (start as an enhanced actor but with non enhanced data) it worked fine.

Teleport to the same location is what I used before, but now I improved it to actually just remove that actor and add it back again.

13/9/08 00:41  

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