06 September 2008

School started

In many parts of the world, the school started, and that reflects pretty well in our players population. The number of players online at a time declined by about 60. I am curious what the weekend numbers will be.
This number (~10% of the online population at a time) is very consistent with our age polls, where only about 20% of the players are under the age of 18. From those 20%, it is safe to assume that only some will stop playing (or spend less time) in the game once the school started.

On an unrelated note, this apst few days I added 3 new potions in the game, and I am going to add a few more soon. Potion is the skill with the fewest makable items, with the highest potion requiring level 62, while the highest ranking potioners have over 100 in their potion skill. The last person in top 50 potion is level 82, so a few more potions are needed. There will also be a potion god by the end of the year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

potion good? don't you mean god?

8/9/08 21:05  
Blogger Radu said...

Yeah, typo. I fixed it, thanks.

10/9/08 01:20  

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