20 September 2008

Quite an eventfull week

This past week has been pretty busy, with some important changes happening:

1. The polymorph skill is in the game, although the glyphs to actually shape shift are not obtainable in the game except from the shop. This will change in a few days, when they will become manufacturable under the summoning skill.

2. KF (the most popular PKing map in the game) was made a non items drop on death map. This has wide implications for the game economy, because now a lot of people go and PK there, and they use all kind of potions and essences, as well as break all kinds of gear. So it's a nice push to the economy, gives players the chance to match their skills against others for free, and generally makes everyone happy. The downside is that there will be fewer rostogol stones used in the game, so less money for me, but this should be offseted from the high end items breaking there.

3. I am doing an important "behind the scenes" update in the server logic, which should improve the speed of some critical functions. This will allow faster response time (just a little), as well as being able to add some very neat things (which are secret for now). That code almost works, and today I just finished fixing the latest bugs, and, hopefully, it should be on the live server some time next week.

4. A few years ago, the server was crashing every once in a while because of an error that shouldn't have happened. I prevented the crash by adding a specific check for that error, so now it is logged whenever it happens, and the crash is avoided. Well, today I looked over our critical errors log (where only the nastiest, "shouldn't ever happen!" stuff is logged), and I've seen that error happening maybe once or twice a month. So far it is harmless, but I'd rather find out what the hell is going on and fix it, so I added additional debugging information. Hopefully, it should happen again soon and with the extra debugging see why did it happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In order to cover cost of lost sales on rostos, how about a shop pickpoint redistribution service?

Dunno about the work for this but maybe the same process used to remove all PP spent over the cap could be used individually for players back to 4 (starting PP)who want to redistribute thier PP.

It would need to cheap enough for people to use it time and time again to adjust thier character builds.

If not sell the attribute stones from shop. (not nex rem stones though :P )

PS am dying to know what the surprise is..

25/9/08 21:40  
Blogger Radu said...

Well, yes, I can sell attribute removal stones (not nexuses though!). I did sell a few in the past, but there is not a big demand for them, and I don't want to sell them too cheap because then it would affect people getting them ingame.

3/10/08 02:23  

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