02 November 2007


A few days ago we uploaded the first Release Candidate for the update.
The biggest new feature is the sound, which requires a lot of testing. Other new things include the support for engineering objects (mines, snares, etc.), lots of clothes, a menu system that the server can send to the client, support for the tailoring skill, and a new file management system.

Most of the tests went well, but there are some bugs left, so we'll need at least one more RC. The good thing is that we don't have show stopper bugs.
The way things are going now, we should have the update by the middle of this month, although we do not make any promise, as Murphy never sleeps.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we uploaded Hi can you post here the link where you uploaded the rc1 for test it?

8/11/07 04:32  
Blogger Radu said...

The links have been posted on the forums, where people can also offer some feedback and stuff.

11/11/07 02:50  

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