21 October 2007

Increased storage space

When we added the storage to the game, some 4+ years ago, we had 100 slots. At that time we had maybe 200 items.
Two years later, we had around 400 items, and the storage space has been increased to 200 items.
After this update is done, we'll have some 850 items in the game (about 300 of them are books).
Many players complained that they have not enough storage space, and they asked for more. Until now, it wasn't really needed, but with some 70+ items to wear, one would need a lot more storage, if he or she wants to have one piece of everything.

There were two reasons why I didn't want extra storage:
1. I was feeling that 200 slots are enough (and they were, for most of the people).
2. The storage command couldn't send more than 200 items because that's too much data (over 4KB) and a big waste of bandwidth.

Well, now things changed, and I am going to add another 100 slots either shortly after the update, or before it, if we have a long testing period.
The #storage command will also be modifed, and you will have to specify a category, and it will only list the items in that category.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news! I'm an all-rounder and felt quite tight with storage already ;)

22/10/07 04:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic :)

22/10/07 10:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great ideas, both of them :) Looking forward to the update.

22/10/07 11:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!!!!!!! I too all around and have started having to limit myself because of storage restraignts.

This is just wonderful!!!! Looking forward to the change!! And thanks again for such a great game!!

22/10/07 21:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been playing near 2 years and have never filled up my storage completely. I don't keep a lot of stuff though, and only store items I need. Just me though, I think it would be good for more storage space, for others' sake.

24/10/07 09:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would appreciate more space indeed. I had my store full in about year and playing two. So I always fight with my items in sto...

25/10/07 02:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aye, a big waste of bandwidth, but only for those rare cases when you actually list ALL your storage contents. Common use for this command is to specify something you are looking for, like "#sto coal", or "#sto plate", or no?

25/10/07 05:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks radu, it wukk really come in handy in the furture when I restock my storage.

31/10/07 11:20  
Blogger Dib Clark said...

very nice!! especially the category for the storage command :) ...and i also agree with some players who mentioned that it would be beneficial to some players if the total contents of the storage would be displayed as before (although it would be better if these could be displayed in columns), but i agree with the waste in bandwidth. well, you can;t have it all, can't you?

8/11/07 00:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really great news! But I have a small concern about the #sto command. I got to test on the first few days it was announced and I can't remember exactly its behaviour so here's a question: Does it still list something at the console or just the window? For instance, would "#sto health" work normally?

I ask this because there's a friend of mine (who plays EL, of course) who has sight problems and can't see the small storage letters properly. So, for him, it's very useful to have the big letters at console (or at least an option to change the font size of the storage window)

12/11/07 18:50  
Blogger Radu said...

For the time being, the old storage list is gone.
I might bring it back under some for or another in the future, but after the update I have some other things to do first.

15/11/07 04:16  

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