26 December 2011

Second set of stats

Chars created: 878
Tut started 514 (58%)
Got Reca 330 (64%)
Finished harvest 246 (47%)
Killed rats 211 (41%)
Made fe 196 (38%)
Found Kane 181 (35%)
Got sulphur 158 (30%)
Got Novac 146 (28%)
Got Xaquelina 113 (21%)
Got money 89 (17%)
Got sigils 83 (16%)
Got reading room 78 (15%)
Finished tutorial 62 (12%)

It seems that there is virtually no change in the numbers that started the tutorial, just 1% more. With the new trail of markers towards the tavern, there are a bit less finishing the first objective. Of course, it can be just some random fluke, not a big enough sample size.

01 December 2011

Some statistics

At the last update, I added some tracking code, to see how many of the new players start the tutorial, and how many finish it.
Here are the results (for 15 days)

1 log ins: 1907
3 log ins: 1428
5 log ins: 1267
Chars created: 740
Tut started 429 (57%)
Got Reca 294 (68%)
Finished harvest 226 (52%)
Killed rats 207 (48%)
Made fe 190 (44%)
Found Kane 175 (40%)
Got sulphur 144 (33%)
Got Novac 120 (27%)
Got Xaquelina 99 (23%)
Got money 85 (19%)
Got sigils 79 (18%)
Got reading room 73 (17%)
Finished tutorial 49 (11%)

The numbers are not too bad, but I want to see if I can improve them a bit, especially the percent of people starting the tutorial, and the percent of how many finish the first objective.
So for the next update there are two minor changes: The tutorial NPC is a bit bigger, and has white clothes, so he is more visible. The other change is that there are more map markers towards the tavern, so it should be easier to find even without the Tab map.
I am going to post the new results in two weeks.

For the next client update, sometime in late December or early January, I want to have a new tutorial island, with a new tutorial quest, which should slightly improve the number of people that don't give up.