11 February 2011

Eternal Lands's is 8 years old now

Actually, it will be 8 on Sunday.
8 years for an online game is a long time. Some our first players were young children, and now they are college age. Some were 15, and now they finished college and got a job. During these 8 years, some people met and got married. There are even a few children born because of EL. And, unfortunately, some of our players died too.

The game graphics quality has improved every year, and we have big plans for the near future. I hope to finally have some terrain in the game by the end of the year, and a better lighting model too. There are also some new changes to the texturing management system, which will bring faster map changes time, and less delay when walking in crowded places such as storages. We are also thinking of moving the engine to OpenGL 2, which will remove compatibility with some older video cards some people still use, so that we can focus on even more graphic and improvements. But we won't do that any time soon, probably not earlier than late 2012, so people will have plenty of time to update their systems.

One last thing: We are going to have some contests and events this weekend, to celebrate EL's 8th anniversary. Some of those contests were announced on the forums, while other events were not. So if you want to win some nice stuff, try to be online this weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fun times and the good people I met.


12/2/11 14:47  
Anonymous SinS said...

Happy birthday EL, I remember the big crash, rollbacks, and ghosts for players :p Long time, still kickin ;)


2/4/11 03:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i readed your mmm article about eternal lands, im not really a fan of your work yet, but well you do know alot more than me and by the way you express your self in it you seem like a nice outgoing person, i dont belive ill get over this blog again but who knows, id like to know if you have begeniers tutorial supose to be open source i cant find that yet xD, but well its 5:58 am and i read the 6 parts of it and well im not so sleepy now so ill download your game :), and check wheres the source, good job !

keep the blog going it might not recibe tons of responces but belive me it helps alot xD

11/5/11 06:42  
Blogger Michael Chung said...

Hello Radu. I contributed some music to EL during its early stages while in high school, a long time ago. Since then, I've studied computer science and programmed my own MMORPG by myself - it's now in open beta. Whenever people told me it wasn't possible to engineer one single-handedly, I thought of you as an example of someone who made it happen. I've read your articles about your experiences, and they were very fascinating reads. Do you think we could have a chat sometime, so that I may get some advice from someone who's already been through these trials?

2/8/11 18:31  

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