14 February 2010

Finally an update

I've been very lazy lately, didn't update my blog in over 6 months.
Well, this is going to be a short post, but I promise I will update the blog more often in the future. I don't have time to respond to the many comments I got since my last update, but I did read them all.

Anyway, Roja almost finished an overhaul of the most of the artwork, and we are now having higher resolution textures, better looking 3d objects, and a cleaner interface. We are going to hopefully have a public test client in about a week.

Meanwhile, a small preview of the new artwork:


Blogger Shannara said...

Thank you for updating, I've been keeping an eye on this blog ..

14/2/10 02:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the new 3d engine? any plans to develop in the near future? How about introducing the game of new engineering items. and what plans the developer about sepcial swords, now there is absolutely no sense to use in the game, much less make them

14/2/10 03:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking good, keep up the good work :)

14/2/10 08:51  
Anonymous Ika said...

Lovely as always. I pray I will have more time to devote to the game in the future

15/2/10 01:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet! Looks really nice! Thanks for the update ;)


15/2/10 09:51  
Anonymous Wesmania said...

Awesome. What's the smiley thing in the HUD?

16/2/10 14:20  
Anonymous rogerdv said...

Good to have better art. Also, what about the new engine?

4/3/10 09:47  
Blogger DJ TETRO said...


I dont have a forum account to let you know about a bug so i hope you don't mind me letting you know here.

I'm just harvesting at the moment and i have harvest effect on...usually it works fine but i just looked away then back and noticed that even though i had stopped harvesting the effect was still on instead of phasing out after stopping harvesting for X reason...
Thought i would let you know and you are welcome to get in touch regarding this minor bug.

15/3/10 19:59  
Blogger LordWiese said...

How about a knew skill, a simple one like fishing! I really wonder if you understand how fare your game could go! I really love playing Eternal Lands and i think it could be one of the best games on the web if you would just make it look more attractive. I have ideas for the game but that is up to you to listen to people like me i think. I love how simple the game is, bigger games have lost that and now people just play them because alot of people do! Please think about going bigger, it could only help you and make more fun for us!!!

5/4/10 20:55  
Anonymous realestate said...

Thanks for the update, very good

7/4/10 09:18  

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