15 February 2009

New stuff

Well, it seems that it will take a little while until I'll start working at the map editor, so in the past few weeks I did some 'clean up' stuff. Things like adjusting some monsters to be more useful, changing some spawns, removing the TS 'loop hole', adding a few new special days, etc.

Right now I am working at two potions that will decrease the attack and defense levels by 5, up to -30 of your current level. They will use dragon scales, and will require a high potion level, which takes care of a few issues: Too many dragon scales in the game, top potioners not having enough potions to do for their levels, and some fighters who fall in between monster levels will now be able to gain more exp. Now the attack and defense levels increase every minute towards their nominal value, even if you are hungry, so this kind of training will be quite expensive.

I am also working (right now in the design stage) at an awards system. It will be similar to the top players list, but it won't be based on levels. Instead, it will be based on 'achievements', like how many rostogols stones lost, how many rare items harvested or manufactured, how many Leonard kills, etc. It will be reset every month, so even somewhat new players will have a chance to be there. There will be no in game advantage if you win those awards, it will be just for fun (and some glory :D). I am hoping to have this sytem implemented by the end of March or earlier.