10 December 2008

New engine

Now that the first instance is on the main server, and I almost finished implementing the next instance, for levels 80 to 100 a/d, it is the time to disclose my plans for the future.
After finishing the second instance, I'll take a break from server programming for a while, and work at the new map editor, that is using a new engine written by Xerafax.
This new engine is quite nice, because it will use vertex programs only, so there is a significant performance increase. It will also work on most of the video cards our players have, including the Intel 950. Unfortunately, we'll have to drop the support for some really old video cards, such as Intel 8** cards, TNT 2 and other cards that don't support vertex shaders. Based on the information the client sends to the server about the video card capabilities, less than 5% of the players will be affected, and those people will have to update their computers/video cards.

So anyway, I am going to spend some time working at the new map editor. I would like to do some texture painting for the terrain, implement a function to randomly add detail 3d objects such as vegetation, small rocks, etc, and other misc. things to make the map editor usable.

I am not sure how long this will take, but I am looking forward to do it because for the last few years I've only done server programming, and it gets a little boring after a while.
Of course, that doesn't mean there won't be any more server updates soon, because I'll still add new items and more instances, but there won't be a lot of new features until the map editor works the way I want it to work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting, i'm guessing that will cause less work for the map makers then?

I don't suppose we'll get that potion god that was mentioned in one of your old blog posts ;-) I've been stocking up in hopes to see it soon.

11/12/08 12:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm intrested why you really want to update the map editor. You are planning to refurbish all maps or you are already thinking to add new maps (continent 3?). Or will all maps be remade to work with the new engine?

11/12/08 13:41  
Blogger Radu said...

The new engine will be compatible with the old maps, but there will also be a new map format that will support real terrain and other cool stuff, and we need a different editor for that.

About the potion god, it will be done, just don't know when.

11/12/08 16:19  
Blogger Radu said...

And yes, we eventually want to refurbish all the maps to add real terrain to them but this is a lot of work and it will take some time, not all the maps will be refurbished at once.

11/12/08 16:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great work and ideas as alwas radu.

12/12/08 19:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Splendid! Cant wait to see it! We've just updated our guildmap but with the new mapeditor I'm sure we will do it once again :)
Anyway, is there a list of features that will be added (except the terrain changes) or removed from the existing editor?

17/12/08 03:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the Intel 965 chip be supportet? Currently I get the message "vertex program" not used. I really hope it will be supported, as many new budget laptops are delivered with it.

17/12/08 15:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds really really cool :)

Could higher elevation provide an advantage for ranging?


19/12/08 19:43  
Blogger Radu said...

Not sure about Intel 965, but Intel 950 will be supported, which means that most of the netbooks will be able to run EL fine (well, if you can play fine with 15-20 fps).

The new map editor will have pretty much all the features this one does, but with a different interface.

As for the elevations and ranging, that is TBD.

27/12/08 02:56  

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