21 August 2008

Back from vacation

I didn't update the blog in quite a while, mainly because I was busy with the update, then went over to Romania for 18 days.

The update went really well, in fact, I think this was the smoothest update ever. The client is rock solid, and there was absolutely no one that had any significant problems with this new client compared to the previous one.

And now, and update of the things I am (or will soon) be working on.
First, I want to finish the wards, which are some sort of mines that do other things, and they are triggered by movement. We already have the mana drain ward, and there are 3 more wards to go: Mana burn (does damage while removing the mana), Uninvizibilizer, and Magic immunity remover.
The last two wards will have a chance to remove the inivisibility or magic immunity, for example something like 30%+engineering/5 per step. Those are not the actual numbers, just an example.

Then I will make the ice dragon armor and scythe manufacturable (but first the books).

Next is another god quest (those are really boring, I hate working at them).
And finally, a shape shifting ability, where you will be able to transform into some animal. This will replace the pets idea, since you will become your own pet. I've been talking about it on the forums already, so I won't enter in details here, but the good thing is that everyone loves the idea.

One thing I will do with the shape shifting is implement half of it first, where you can just change your shape to an animal, but no special abilities, and sell them in the shop to make a few bucks. Once they are fully implemented, I'll stop selling them in the shop, and everyone will be happy.