08 July 2008

Preparing for the update

It's that time again, the time before an update.
This is pretty stressful, because a lot of things that do not depend on me must happen:
1. The players have to test the last RC, and report possible problems.
2. The Mac and Linux clients have to be built.
3. When the update comes, people have to follow some basic instructions.

So far, it seems that enough people tested the RCs, and there are no significant bugs out there. In fact, I think this client, with all the new features, is more stable than the previous two clients. But there are always players that don't want to bother testing the RCs, and after the update they start posting on the forums on how the game is not working anymore, or that it causes problems on their systems, etc.

Some of the new things available in this update are:
1. Full camera control, similar to a hybrid 1st/3rd person view, with a sky dome, moon, sun, stars, etc.
2. Improved weather.
3. New context menus for some windows.
4. Bug fixes.
5. New weapons and armor.
6. A level 60 a/d arena in Desert Pines, next to the level 40 arena. While we have other level 60 arenas in the game, they are not really used mainly because.. well, they are not near the Desert Pines Arena, which is more or less one of the most famous things in the game. So, hopefully, some players will move on from their 40 a/d skills and try the new place.

The update should happen in a few days, depending on how soon the Mac client is built.