17 June 2008

Client 1.7.0

Yesterday I posted a RC2 for the new client, version 1.7.0
No one reported any significant problems with this client, so we might have an update in a week or two, depending when a new feature is implemented. If that feature is not implemented in time, we can go on without it, but I'd love to have it in the client.
After this update, the next client will probably use a new engine, that is currently written by Daniel. This engine is more flexible, faster, will allow terrains, materials, better lights, better shadows and better reflections.
It will probably still take months until it is done, then probably a few more months until it is integrated with the client, but it is very promising and I am really looking forward to it.

On an unrelated note, two developers that were working at integrating the map editor with the client quit the team because of some differences of oppinions, which kind of sucks a little, especially that we really need some people working at the map editor for the new engine. Many maps will have to be adjusted to include the terrain, a new terrain editor must be made, and so on. Hopefully we will find some new people to work on that, or I might start doing it myself.