13 March 2008

Update coming soon

Today we released Pre RC 11, which fortunately runs on pretty much any computer our users have, although some people with SiS and S3 video cards need to manually add something in their el.ini file. I hope I might be able to correct this issue automatically, but if it's not posible, people can always do it manually.
We have very few people with such video cards, so that's not a problem.

There are just a few things that need to be done before the update:
1. Change some of the animations duration in order to match the server speed (mostly the archery animations)
2. Test the maps that were changed.
3. Release a final RC.

I am hopping to have the update done in 2 weeks or less, then we can finally move on with the development. We have some big plans for the future, stuff such as 3d terrain, normal maps, better lights, etc. I'll talk more about it soon, so stay tuned.


Blogger George Servetas said...

I have started playing the game on August and I love it. Thanks. Best game I have played so far.

7/11/08 22:15  

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