31 March 2008

Update 1.6.0

After more than a month of pre release candidates, we finally rolled the update on Saturday.
Unsurprisingly, because of the extensive tests we've done, there were not many problems, and I would say that 95% of the players were able to update without any modifications to their system, while the rest had to either update their video drivers or modify some EL configuration settings.

The archery is included in this update, but the ranged weapons can not be bough until next weekend. This is because we had some big PK contests a few months ago, where the promissed prize was having bows before everyone else. Schmurk, the developer who wrote most of the ranged skill code also got all the bows and missiles.
One other reason for this delay is that people can test the other features first, without being too distracted by the new skill.

Speaking of new features, it seems that the players are very excited about Leonard the Leopard, a new AI entity that is actually pretty intelligent, and will stalk players, flee from combat when wounded, change maps, and even level up. He even talks in lolcat on the events channel, when he dies or when he kills some player.
There have been quite a few "Leonard hunting parties", where people try to locate and kill him.

Next on our to do list is to release a patch for an experimental client with a sky and 1st person mode. This client is pretty functional, but there are a few problems here and there. It also takes more resources, and the frame rate is a little reduced (since there are more objects to render). We hope to release this patch by the end of April, and it will not require a client update (it will be an optional download).


Blogger rogerdv said...

this new client will also support 3rd person (chase) view?

1/4/08 11:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the new update. Great job. However, I have a question....when astrology was introduced last year it was posted that the failure and one other was not implemented but have heard no word about when it would be activated. Has astro failure been activated already or is this something we still need to wait for?

1/4/08 23:31  
Blogger Radu said...

Roger: Yes, to some extent, although the auto camera thing is not perfect. But 3rd view is supported.

Anonymous : No, not yet, still have to find some time for them.

2/4/08 20:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the Etenal Lands 1.5.0 And now i uninstalled this and installed 1.6.0 client and and error keeps showing up when i try and load the game? it just wont work on my computer what do i do?

6/5/08 11:04  

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