15 February 2008

Eternal Lands' 5th Birthday

Yesterday, Eternal Lands turned 5.
It's quite amazing to look back and see how much the game changed since the first day it was 'released'. 'Released' because at that time, it wasn't really a game, it was mostly a 3d chat, and there were many bugs.
It took us almost 1 year to break the 100 players online barrier.
We have some old screenshots, and as you can see, it had a totally different look.

We are going to have all kind of events this weekend, and since a lot of people will gather in some small locations, it will also be a good time to observe the server load, and plan for more improvements.

Speaking of improvements, this new client release will have lots of them. People with real 3d video cards (Nvidia and ATI) should be able to get up to 1000% in FPS (in extreme cases, such as 100 dragons right near them), but in practice probably something around 50% or so. People with older video cards might not benefit from it, because they lack the new extensions we are using.
The camera should be more responsive as well, and this will benefit pretty much everyone.

Because of these new speed improvements, and because of the arrows, the update will take slightly longer than we estimated, the release date will be probably sometime at the end of March.


Blogger rogerdv said...

Just five years? Hmm, are you subtracting years to make it look younger?
Wow, I remember playing it a long time ago, when you could eat without waiting.

16/2/08 12:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember I read somewhere it says
EL went first online on Feb 2003 where at that time, not much players can do, just sit and explore the maps.

26/2/08 06:53  

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