11 November 2007

Update status

Short update about the.. update.
Most of the bugs were fixed, and the only thing remaining to be done is finishing the new file management system.
Basically, on Windows, the settings, counters and logs will be saved somehwere in c:/my documents/elc/ (for Linux and OSX, there will be no significant change).

The main reason for this is that under Vista you do not normally have permissions to write in c:/program files/, where EL is normally installed. Another reason is that we finally want to unify stuff so they work the same on all the OSes we support.

This will complicate things a little for the end user, but it's not our fault that all the modern operating systems require applications to write their data somewhere else. Besides, most of the programs already do that, so who are we to disagree?

We will probably have a final RC in a few days, then, if there are no problems, we'll have the update in a week or less.


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