05 July 2007

New invasions

Last year I implemented the automatic invasion system.
Most people enjoy it, but it's been pretty boring, with only one invasion route.
The system was designed to be easley upgradable, to allow multiple routes, randomly selected by the server. Unfortunately, until now, I didn't really have time to add more routes.

This has changed now. Today I spent most of my day by adding alternate routes, so now most of the important first continent maps are covered by invasions.
The continent two invasions will be even more interesting, but I won't give any details here. You will have to experience them :)

And now a little about an idea of mine that would give some limited invasion control to the players.
What I am thinking about is to have some "invasion stones", that are basically some sort of 'eggs' that players can place wherever they want, with some exceptions.
Then the eggs hatch, in a random time interval, ranging from 30 minutes to 300 minutes. When they hatch, monsters spawn.
There will be a few different egg types, each spawning a different monster. The quantity of eggs will be limited per day, to prevent abuse.
I am not done yet with the details, when I'll decide how exactly it will work, I'll post about it on our forums.


Blogger Nyiti (Gabor) said...

It's time to make an IP ring a regular object in my inventory :)

I think invasions are really good fun, and although I can't even touch those monsters yet, I enjoy the fear the evoke!

6/7/07 02:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe, that sounds interesting. Although I can see the danger of people using this stone to try and kill people who are sitting AFK (even if AFKness is not wanted behaviour, everyone of us does it once in a while). But with auto-invasions covering all maps people should become aware of that problem rather fast.

6/7/07 11:34  
Blogger Radu said...

Well, it will be hard to kill the AFK people because those stones have a random, relatively high hatch time, so there is always the risk they will leave by the time the eggs hatch. Besides, they will be pretty expensive stones.
And it will also discourage macroing, since many places were not be secure anymore :)

6/7/07 17:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An idea, what if for summoners, that making summoning stones.. you have a chance to make an enriched one.. and it's an invasion egg for that designated monster?

7/7/07 01:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of stones/eggs, you can add it more natural way. I mean some sort of nests/lairs, which contains some precious things (limited amount of them, with relatively high respawn time), and when players take it, after some delay, monsters come for revenge (to nearest settlement or just hunting random players). That way players have power to initiate invasion, but can't control (and abuse) where it happens. Besides its more obvious cause->consequence.
Although this can be somewhat harder to implement than eggs.

7/7/07 13:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other than that these stone's shouldn't be used at storage's such as PL, NC, TG, DP or other storage's that are indoors.

8/7/07 06:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How big range the invasion will cover? If the egg is planted on the east side of map, will monsters hatch around the egg, or may they hatch at the any point of map? Also, can the eggs be planted inside houses or other inside maps?

8/7/07 08:31  
Blogger Radu said...

The eggs will hatch and the monsters will spawn where they (the eggs) are placed. Of cours,e the monsters might roam for a while.

There will be some checks so you won't be able to use them too close to a storage, and they will not be usable indoors.
Also, there will be a GIWS warning for them anyway.

8/7/07 19:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome... love this idea... sadly too many people spend too long sitting afk.

With warnings given - a great idea... Should improve game play - and increase the variety.

As for the invasion stones - woderful - though I do love the idea of making them whilst making summon stones.

11/7/07 03:01  

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