04 June 2007

The update, finally done!

Yesterday we had our update. A few weeks later than originally planned, but it went remarkably well.
99% of out players had no problems, the rest had some problems with the sound, which caused their client not to start. We fixed this problem by telling them to disable the sound (it took a while to figure the source of the problem).
Now only a few players (less than 5) have some other problems that prevent them from playing the game, and we are trying to help them too.

We did, however, forget to include some #defines in the client, and the windows version is compiled without a few bug fixes, so there are some minor problems affecting other players. We are planning to release a patch soon, that should fix them.

We also moved all the downloads off our website, to external mirrors, which made the forums and the rest of the site more responsive. We are still pulling between 2 to 4 mbps every day, mostly because of the forums. We might have to get another server for the forums alone, and use the current one for the rest of the website. Or just move to a more expensive webhost.


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