17 May 2007

Status report

We released a RC a few days ago, and, as expected, there were a few problems.
Now most of them are fixed, and we'll have another RC tomorrow.
There is at least one client crashing bug, which happens when fighting armed orcs, and possibly some other monsters, but the problem is that it doesn't affect everyone.
In fact, very few people are affected, so that makes debugging quite hard.
The good thing is that KarenRei's client can crash via fighting armed orcs, so last night we worked at this problem (well, she did the debugging while I did the orcs summoning/fighting). Hopefully she will be able to fix it tonight, and if not, prior to the update.

One thing is certain: the client is looking much better with the new special effects, but there is a severe cost in the frame rate, when there are too many effects in the game at once. When we are ready with this update, we'll be looking into using vertex shaders for some of them, which should significantly improve the speed. There are a lot of new plans for the future clients, and I'll post some of them here in the near future.


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