12 May 2007

The Release Candidate is almost there

Most of the bugs and problems have been fixed, so this coming week there should be a RC available, and depending on how it goes, we should have the update before the end of the month.

Meanwhile, I did a lot of server stuff, like adding new monsters, changing some spawns around, the new books for the Engineering skill, new manufacture formulas, a new harvesting resource, adding new items and changing some item images (for the items we didn't have images before), and all kind of other behind the scenes work.

Of course, they will need to be tested on the test server before we have the update, so, unfortunately, we can't surprise the players (at least not those that bother to test stuff on the test server). But then again, we have a pretty open development policy, and we don't have many secrets about upcoming releases. For example, the yesterday's update had all the new engineering books, so people know what to expect from this skill.


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