26 May 2007

Problems with the Intel video cards

Everything about the update is ready and tested, but what holds us back is a problem with the Intel videocards under Windows.
Under some circumstances (not often, that is), they will not display any 3D stuff. That happens at night only, in some areas.

Given the fact that none of the developers or programmers have such a video card, it is very difficult to fix it.
While we have a 'no one left behind' policy, that is, we try not to release a client until it works fine on everyone's computers, this time we might have to make an exception, which means release the client and then if we find the bug later, issue a patch. This is not a critical bug, because the game is still pretty enjoyable, except that in some areas you need to turn the camera around to see stuff. And given the fact that it affects few players, I decided to just go on with the update.
Probably we'll have a new client for pre-download on Monday, then have the update on Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem exists on Intel based Macs also.

31/5/07 15:51  

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