15 March 2007

Finally all the cross attributes are used now

EL is online for a little more than 4 years, and the attribute system is almost as old as the game. Until recently, two cross attributes: charm and perception were totally unused, and, unsurprisingly, most of the people did not invest a significant amount of pick points in them.

The perception was finally added in the last update, and it dictates how far you can see at night. In the future, when we will have the range attack skill, it will help with it as well.

The charm, on the other hand, was more difficult to integrate with the game. Initially it was meant for quests and better prices from NPCs, but eventually I abandoned that goal and just let it unused. I even considered changing it's name altogether, and possibly use it for the ranged skill.
Today I made up my mind, and charm will still be charm, and it will have to do with the summoning skill. It will modify this skill in two ways, but this is a surprise for the coming update. Hopefully many people will like it, although I don't expect everyone to suddenly start investing pick points in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice thing to have all the attributes used now. I just think about all the people who have all their pickpoints already invested in the other attributes... do they all have to reset and level back up to invest in the new attributes?

Maybe it would be a good idea to release all the used pickpoints, then the players can reinvest them to use the new attributes. Cause as you said "most of the people did not invest a significant amount of pick points in them" and maybe more people will do that if they get the chance.

16/3/07 16:54  
Blogger Radu said...

Yes, actually we discussed about this on our forums, and there will be a way to recover a pick point at the expense of a nexus or attribute, via some rare stones.

20/3/07 19:20  

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