28 December 2006

The Dragon Slayer

This update will feature two new monsters; a feros (some sort of cat man, about as strong as a fluffy), and the strongest monster in the game, a red dragon.
We wanted to keep the dragon as a surprise, but we knew that when we release the files so people can predownload the update the secret will be gone, so we released some rendered artwork as a teaser.
Meanwhile, I placed the dragon and various other monsters on the test server, but the location was undisclosed. I figured that no one will find it, let alone kill it, because usually people don't use the test server too much.
Well, I was wrong. A few guys went into an expedition on the test server, killed the dragon, and posted the video on YouTube, then posted it in our forums :D
The first movie doesn't look that great because they used a video camera, but the second one looks much better (using some software to capture the video directly from the frame buffer).

All in all, I salute them for their creativity and skill in defeating the strongest monster in the game :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like killing the dragon is all people want to do now. Maybe the dragon cave have a special ability, something like a branch of destruction. I'm sure that a beast as strong as that dragon could easily tear through most armors/weapons.

30/12/06 14:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ppl would stop fighting a dragon on normal server than ;)
This creature has 150a/d and very big physique/coordination, which makes it probably destroys a lot of equipment anyways.
It has also 3000 hp, so any d/c and a figher looses rosto.

(masterpiter here)

1/1/07 05:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I´ve seen the red dragon on a island in a vulcano in north redmoon, but I can´t reach it, I really want to have a closer look on him, I´m not strong enough at all, I just want to photograph him better, I´ve got monsterperks, who can help me?

26/4/07 05:35  

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