04 June 2006

The update tests, phase 2

Right now, we have reached the second phase of the update test.
The first phase was releasing the new maps and monsters, so that people can test them on the test server. There were many map related bugs, which most were fixed.

This current phase focuses on finding the remaining map bugs, and possibly testing the repair NPC.
Once those bugs are detected and fixed, we'll start phase 3, where the new weapons and armor will have a real price (right now they are cheap so that people can buy and test them). Phase 3 (or maybe 4) will also include another new ore, the Wolfram (Tungsten), which is one of the heaviest elements ever. It will be used mainly for the new swords, and a Wolfram bar will require a steel bar, some Wolfram ore, and one or more binding stones (the number will be decided soon). So the bar will technically not be Wofram, but a Steel/Wolfram alloy.

The 4th phase will be actually a release candidate, which is expected to have no bugs. If there are no client side bugs indeed, for a week, then it will become the actual update package. If not, those bugs will be fixed as well, and another release candidate will be.. released.

Right now, it takes about a month of testings to prepare for an update. I remmeber that 2 years ago, we updated and then tested, and many times we didn't even do a full backup. Of course, at that time we didn't have that many players, and the updates were usually much smaller than now. Nevertheless, we had many problems when we updated the lazy way, so for about 2 years we actually test the updates on the test server.


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