20 June 2006


The release candidate for this update was just released today. We are a little behind the schedule, but this is mostly because of the invisibility spell, which required some extra work and some protocol changes.

And since we alread had some protocol changes, we decided to actually go ahead and make some additional ones as well, in order to save some bandwidth.
For example, we were wasting 6 octets for every animal and monster, because we were sending unnecesary data. That code is there for years, and it totally slipped our attention. We don't expect a dramatic improvement in the bandwidth, but hey, it was a matter of just a few hours, so why the hell not do it?

Today I had also decided to make the steel and titanium armors a little bit more close to eachother in terms of usefulness. So I actually increased the steel armor defense, making it more useful in blocking damage and radiation. On the other hand, the titanium armor offers better protection against heat and cold damage, weights less, and won't give you any penalty. The prices are unchanged though.

Some people were complainig that there are very few not combat related spells, and that the magic skill is pretty much just an extension of the combat skill. This is true to some extent, which is why I am going to implement some other spells such as:

Anti-hellspawn: will remove the hellspawn chance to go to hell when changing a map, while the spell is active. It will not be a cheap spell in terms of essences, probably requiring about 10 essences to cast.
Cold/heat/radiation protection. One spell for each. Will increase your protection against those elements.
Anyway, those spells will be added soon, and as I have some time I will think of more, so that the magic skill will be slightly more useful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see you want to add the anti-hellspawn spell. Nowadays the neg perks aren't really negative, all pkers have a lot of them. The only neg perk that is taken rarely is hellspawn because it is a real neg perk. Other perks are just free pickpoints for most people. So why weaken the effect of hellspawn? To give people again 10 free pickpoints? I don't see a reason why to add that spell. Even if it needs a lot of essences, they better use rings then...

And I love this post of Learner: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=25915&view=findpost&p=272583

20/6/06 15:37  

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