02 June 2006

Power outage

We had a sunner storm today, and at 2 pm the electricity was out, only to be restored at 11:30 AM. Very annoying, I couldn't do anything but read at the light of a fluorescent 'lamp' (actually, a small fluorescent tube connected to an inverter, connected in turn to a 12V battery).
Since we couldn't cook anything, we went out to eat, there is a Greek food festival in Scranton, so we went there to see how their food is.
I must say that I am pretty impressed, I wish they had a Greek restaurant around here.

Other than that, in the last few days we had some minor problems with EL.
The biggest problem was that we started to offer 'size changes', where someone would pay 10 USD to have his or her size adjusted by 10%. A maximum of 30% limit was in place, to prevent awkward looking characters.
Learner was in charge of those changes, and the sales went well, a lot of people were interested in buying the new sizes.
The problem was, however, that we didn't realize that 30% is a little bit too much.
So now we placed the limit to 5%, and the players who got a size over than percent have been reimbursed.

The first pre update preliminary test has revealed a lot of problems with the maps, so poor Roja has to fix a lot of problems. Meanwhile, I am working a little at the summoning stones, and at a 'repairer' NPC, which will repair some of the new items.


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