20 June 2006

Opera 9 finally released

Today Opera 9 (non beta) has officially been released.
It fixes quite a few problems the various beta versions had, and it also imports the previous settings and bookmarks, which is very good. The beta versions didn't, and it was annoying.

If you never used Opera, then you owe it to yourself to at least try it. Go to www.opera.com and download the latest version, for whatever OS you are using.
It is a very small download, just 6 MB.

Some of the reasons I like it:
1. Very fast, much faster than IE and FF.
2. Very secure, much fewer exploits than the competing browsers.
3. Works on pretty much any OS in the world, from Windows to Linux to FreeBSD, to PocketPC, Nitendo DS, Nitendo Wii, Linux PDAs..
4. You can customize the interface a lot, and, IMHO, it looks and feels better than any other browser I ever used.
5. The ability to start from where it stopped. If you close it, or it crashes, next time it starts it will ask you if you want to start from where you left, so you won't have to open all the tabs manually.
6. Unlike the previous versions, Opera 9 works with most of the websites out there, with very few exceptions.

In conclusion, give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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