25 May 2006

The new items for the update

We are planning to release a RC (release candidate) for this comming Monday. The purpose of this RC is to find bugs and problems in the client, so that we can fix them before the actual update.
So far, there is a bug that bothers me, which causes some crashes because of some new model data (we do not know yet which model is responsible for that). Once that bug is fixed, most of the programming work is done.

Now I am working at the new items, such as armors and swords. Yesterday I've finished implementing them server side, and now I am working at the damaged version of each new item, which will be pretty much identical to the new item, but it will dissapear when damaged. After they are done, I have some ideas about adding a few special armors (will look identical with the normal ones), which will be created accidentally in the manufacturing process (in the same way you can obtain an enriched essence while making a normal essence).


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