19 December 2007

Wind of change

A lot of stuff happened in the last 10 days.
First, I started a beta version of the PK server. So far, we got about 130 sign ups for the PK server, which is great.
Then one thing lead to another, and some players expressed their interest in incorporating some changes meant only for the PK server to the main server as well.
One of the changes is caping the attributes to level 48. The other change is having a mage class, where rationality affects the power of the spells.
We have a poll on the forums about the level cap on the main server, and the majority of players (about 3 out of 4) agreed that such a cap is necesary. Interestingly, all the top level fighters that also commented on that thread agreed with the change.

The only thing that hasn't been decided yet is on the restoration spell formula. There are a few versions being discussed, and there is no general consensus about which one is the best, so there is still some work to do.
But after all the changes are made, I think the PK will be much better, because with the caps in place, people will actually have some weaknesses, so we won't have virtually invincible players.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you planning major changes to summoning too? It seems to me that higher summon stones will become a lot more powerful than now, since with capped coord it will be more difficult to resist a giant or even a yeti. Also a summoner class could be a third viable option for pking now...

I had a talk with top summoners and fighters about this and it would be nice to start a discussion on the subject once the details on restoration formula are settled.

19/12/07 16:56  
Blogger Radu said...

Yes, there might be some changes to summoning and the summoned monsters, but first we need to test the magic and the normal combat with the caped attributes, so we can see what, if anything needs to be changed with other things as well.

19/12/07 19:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

High level stones are expensive, summons have no defense and people carry rostos so almost no one will use them anyway like it is now and they will still be killable since they have no defense and because magic is getting stronger you will have another way to kill them. I don't see problems at all with summon stones.

22/12/07 04:34  
Blogger rogerdv said...

Will be that mage class available in normal server? Im really missing play as mage.

24/12/07 16:30  
Blogger Radu said...

Yes, the mage class will be available on the normal server too.

25/12/07 04:42  

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