31 December 2007

PK server

A few days ago we started the PK server (we erased all the characters from the PK beta testing), and so far we have over 200 accounts, with over 60 players online during the afternoon. So far, I think that's pretty good, and everyone is having fun there.
I had to make some additional modifications compared to the main server, such as removing the NPCs that sell high end weapons and armor, and making the summoning stones have a 75% failure rate, in order to avoid fights by proxy, where players just summon bears to kill the enemy's bears.
After people start getting higher levels, perhaps around level 60 a/d, I might add those NPCs back and make the summoning stones work without failure. But that's something to determine later on, depending on how the game will progress.

I have a secret character there, and I even play the game, partially because it is fun, and partially because it is easier to see what changes or additions should be made to improve it.
For example, I have an idea for a new perk (that will also be implemented on the main server, although it will be far more useful on the PK server). This new perk will be called "Night Stalker", and will cost 8(?) pick points. It will greatly increase your stealth at night, so you can evade enemies, or ambush them from the shadows. It will be cool if a whole guild takes this perk and becomes some sort of assasin guild, where they collectively go and ambush strong enemies.
One reason this will be even more effective is that many people will drink potions right before a fight, so if they don't see you prior to you attacking them, they won't be able to get their potions, but you will be able to.

I am not sure when I will have this perk done, perhaps in a few days or so. Which means that if you are a PKers, regardless of which server you play on, you might want to save a few pickpoints for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds quite cool. But how would the perk manifest itself, exactly? You won't be able to see people who have this perk until they are very close to you at night? Will higher perception levels combat this effect?

31/12/07 18:41  
Blogger Radu said...

It will be basically the same thing as wearing a camo cape (only a little stronger), but the effect will be cummulative with the camo cape.

31/12/07 21:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh ok. This sounds really cool, I always like seeing perks that add new possibilities/professions to the game (i.e. hiring an assassin/bounty hunter to go kill an enemy in the night :P)

1/1/08 14:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if the perk doesn't affect the guildies themselves that might be a good idea... else, If u walk at night and you're guildie cant follow you because he cant see you that might be a problem :p Nice idea though!

28/2/08 10:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Radu :) Ive seen the new perks on the test server and was slightly sad not to see the Night stalker perk :) Anyway i was thinking of perk ideas and thought of a perk that would add 5 missile accuracy at the cost of 5pp... Seems a nice idea for the new skill. Thx for reading and cya :)

2/7/08 11:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just curious if the 'nightstalker' perk will be implemented or its indefinitely shelved? Its a great idea, and stays in line with cape\perk combos.

13/8/08 06:27  

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