03 April 2007

Our 1 week vacation

I live in the US for 4 years, and this is was my first vacation here (my previous ones were to Romania).
We went to Orlando, Florida, and I must say that I was very impressed with everything there.
Florida is a very nice place, and Orlando is even nicer, being built from scratch as a tourist place. They have good public transportation, restaurants and fast food places everywhere, and anything you need in a walking distance.

We visited Disney World (MGM and Animal Kingdom), and SeaWorld.
If you haven't visited them, and you have the opportunity to, I highly recommend them, especially the Animal Kingdom and SeaWorld.

As with any tourist, we took a lot of pictures. You can see some of them here. I will add more soon.

One would assume that a 1GB XD card is enough for a whole trip, but with a 7 MP camera that wasn't the case. The XD card could store something like 250 pictures at the max resolution, and there were days when I filled the whole card in just a few hours. The reason I needed so many pictures is the fact that the camera we have takes about 1 second to focus, so since the time you press the button to the time it actually captured the photo you have to wait about 1 second, then another few seconds to save it to the memory card. This leads to a lot of missed shots, especially if you want to capture a particular moment, such as when a dolphin is in the air or when a fast paced stunt is performed. The only easy to mitigate that problem is to take a lot of shots, hoping you will get lucky and some of them will capture what you wanted to.

My new laptop was very useful during this trip. Besides for downloading the photos on it so I can free the XD card, I used it for e-mail, Skype, news, reading the forums, and even delivering some items in the game. It is the first time I am taking a laptop with me on a vacation, and it proved to be very, very useful. I am definitely going to take it with me next time I go somewhere. The only downside of having a laptop with you is that you will not relax 100%, and you can't help from doing some work, which will sometime defeat the purpose of going on a vacation :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad you had fun. and welcome back

4/4/07 00:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fast food places everywhere!? Oh my, that's bad.

7/4/07 19:30  

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