30 April 2007

The new bags system is on

Last night we had a server update to include a new sword, some new books, and the new system of sending the bags to the players (I mentioned it a few posts ago).

It seems that the impact on the bandwidth is significant, the traffic going down by about 10-15%. For the people with dial up connections, the maps should load much faster, because instead of getting all the bags on a map at once, they get only the bags in their visual range. And a bag that was once seen will stay on the client until the bag dissapears (times out or is emptied), which takes care of sending a lot of bags when going back and forth an area with lots of bags.
In addition to that, some bandwidth is saved because when a bag is placed, only those nearby will get the message, rather than everyone on the map.

This allows us to have dynamic maps (the cities, in the future) without using more bandwidth than we used prior to this update, for the same number of players online.


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