23 April 2007

New bag bugs

A few weeks ago, I thought I finally fixed the last problem with the bags.
In case you don't play the game, the problem happens when you open a bag but can't get its content.

There were two other problems with the bags, which were fixed in the past, and I thought that this problem was related, so fixing those two bugs would fix this one as well.
One of the bugs was with the client, and when people still reported the problem, I dismissed it to them not using the latest CVS.

3 days ago, I was testing the new way of sending the bags to the client, and specifically asked everyone that wants to help to come on the test server ONLY with a recently compiled client from the CVS.
Some people reported a few issues with the bags, so in order to check if the problem is with the new way of sending the bags, I switched back to the old way, and people still reported issues.
Based on those reports, I added additional debugging code on the server, which pinpointed the problem: The client was sending spurious "close bag" messages.

The client is supposed to send a "close this bag" message only when the player presses the "x" button on the bag window.
However, the client code has been buggy for like 3 years, and it was sending that message each time the bag was closed, regardless of the way it was closed.

So this is what happened:
1. Player opens bag.
2. Player moves to another bag.
3. Server detects the move, and closes the bag the player has open, sending a "close bag" message to the client.
4. The client gets that message, and wrongly sends a "close bag to the server".
5. Sometimes: LAG
6. The player moves to another bag and opens it.
7. The server finally gets the message from the client: "close bag" (step 4)
8. The server closes the NEWLY opened bag.
9. Player tries to get the items from the bag.
10. Server sees that the bag was closed, and will not allow the client to get items from it.

Learner fixed the client bug, but we are having some problems with the CVS which is not working for most of the team members (server won't authenticate them).
Hopefully by tomorrow we can test the problem again, and put an end to a 3 years old bug.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While we're at the bags, why not make a bag in use when someone is standing on it so it doesn't poof on it's own. IMO this should have been fixed long ago and it makes 0% changes in the gameplay except making game more logical.

And don't say that it would be a performance impact on the server, people who don't want their bag to poof drop stuff in them anyway, except for few (new) players. So in the end you even end up saving some bandwidth :).

26/4/07 07:55  
Blogger Radu said...

The reason is that people will get used to this feature and a lot of people will use their bags in this fashion (many even while AFK) which leads to a shortage of available bags for those maps.

And bags were NEVER meant for long term storage, or for manufacturing items.

26/4/07 19:13  
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