07 November 2006

Some plans for the near future

As many of you know, one of the strenghts of EL is the community. People are usually nice and helpful, and due to the fact that doing stuff alone is pretty hard, there is a lot of interaction between players. This interaction is usually stronger between the member of a guild, which usually have their own private forums, common goals, share guild projects, make war plans, and so on.

So this close relation between the members of a guild, and the rivalry can be exploited to make the game better. Which is why the interguilds alliances was implemented yesterday. What this system does is allow the guilds and their summoned animals in the combat to not be able to attack eachother. Before this feature was implemented, guild wars were hard, because your summoned animals would attack your friends.

The next thing that will be implemented is the enemy guilds system. This basically allows guilds to declare war to eachother, and if the war declaration is mutual, then the players from those guilds can fight pretty much anywhere in the game, not just the PK maps, at night. And whenever a player kills another player from a mutually enemy guild, the guild of the killer gets a frag, while the guild of the loser loses a frag. And there will be a top with the 20 most powerful (in terms of frags) guilds. Most of the PKers said they will like such a system, which is good.

After I am done with that, I will start implementing one of the features I wanted for a very long time:
Basically, there will be a few small locations in the game, in a PK map or area, where if they are occupied by a player from a guild, his whole guild will get some advantage (probably something like 10% more experience in a skill). Each skill will have it's own area, so I expect people to go and kill eachother in an attempt to control that point. This, I believe, will cause non fighting guilds to hire fighters to hold those points.
Obviously, many players will complain about it, as they always do, but I think it's better for the game, and eventually they will start liking it.

Those features, plus a few other that I want to implement will take about a month, and then I will start working at player run cities, housing, and so on. But more about this in a later post.


Blogger Unknown said...

Each skill will have it's own area, so I expect people to go and kill eachother in an attempt to control that point

I really think this (perpetual capture the flag variant) is a good idea. Very interesting indeed! Am sure lots of tactics will be shown in the process. All the best :)

8/11/06 00:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with where this game has gone. I took a break for a year and now i wish i had stayed to watch all of this un fold. Excelent work. Thanks to you and the whole dev team.

8/11/06 02:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm confused on one part. How would the "capture the flag" areas work? You can't expect one person to stay there all the time :-)

9/11/06 01:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing that strikes me is that this is something where only those will profit who already are skilled and prosperous, and big guilds (preferably big PK guilds) will prevail on those spots. This is so obvious that it must be intentional, but I can't grasp your motives behind that.

10/11/06 08:19  
Blogger Radu said...

If someone doesn't wish to stay there, then they don't stay there. Is not like anyone is forced to do so.
@majestyk Yes, most likely the big guilds will attempt to take over those places, but most of the BIG PK guilds don't do much but PKing, so they will have little use for those areas. What I think might happen is for the non PK guilds to either hire a mercenary, and/or come to an understanding with the PKers.

12/11/06 02:07  

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