21 November 2006

Heroes of Might and Magic 5

A few days ago, I bought HOMM5. Having played the first 3 games a lot, I figured out that this game will be at least as good as the previous ones.
I started to install it, and after inserting the first CD it asked me to install the 3rd CD, then the 4th one.. The second CD was never used.

Then I started to play it. In the beginning, I was happy with it, until I got to mission 3 in the second campaign.
Well, that mission can be pretty much impossible. I was reading on some forums that tons of people had problems with it. Eventually, I had to use a cheat to skip it.
Now I am on mision 4, second campaign. On my AMD X2 4800+, GF 7300 GS (256 MB VRAM), 2GB system RAM, there are times when I get 0.5 FPS. There are lots of trees and stuff, but come on, under 1 FPS? Eternal Lands, with the shadows on and a 2048x2048 shadow map never got under 20 FPS on this machine.

And the cherry on the cake, there is this bug where your resources will not increase every day (in fact, they just stop increasing at all).
Now I am downloading 150 MB of patches, hope it will be playable after that, but I'm not so sure. Too bad I can't return the game, it's been the worst 50 USD I ever spent on a video game.

[update] It seems that the no resources thing is not a bug.. It's a special ingame week, "Week of festivals". Of course, they don't say what that week does, as there is no info about that in the game...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also have HOMM5. I can't really recall if it asked for the second CD or not.

Well, it was quite fun when I first started playing. I couldn't max out the video settings since I'm on a P4 2.6, 1GB RAM, 256mb Radeon 9600xt.

I didn't play it for long though; Eternal Lands is too addicting :P

But I also did play HOMM3 and 4.

22/11/06 11:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Too bad I can't return the game, it's been the worst 50 USD
> I ever spent on a video game.

So you've never purchased World of Warcraft, else you'd likely have written "the second worst 50 USD I've ever spent on a video game."

22/11/06 16:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comparing HoMM and Eternal Lands.. Get your feet on the ground.

27/11/06 18:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The second CD is used for other languages.

As for the slowdown, I haven't noticed one and I have a lower system than you do.

I do have to say though that I liked the earlier games better, but that's what you get when they switch developers.sqgfmxqi

21/12/06 14:59  

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