13 October 2006

Finally a good update

Or at least this is what most of the players are thinking.
I took some time off from programming and made quite a few ballance changes in the game.

I looked at the monster spawns, and eliminated some unused ones, added some 'high demand' monsters in various previously rarely used map, changed some monsters strengths, added a cheap source for vials in a rarely used map, added a new spell, adjusted a previous spell to make it level dependent..
The players were very happy with those changes, which is pretty rare this days.

Now I am working at some other minor changes, as well as some new additions such as a few new summonable monsters, a new special day, and possibly some new spells.
After I am done with those things, I will most likely work at the summonable stones, then I have to implement some really complex things, such as finally making dynamical maps. That will take months, and requires a LOT of work and bug testing.
I will describe how it will work in a future post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yer game is awsome,thanks for makin it free for poor guys like me.keep up the good work,gotta go play play the game now,peace.

8/12/06 11:19  

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