12 September 2006

Your own MMO development kit?

It would seem that the MMO market might get a boost with this new technology. Their offer is pretty interesting, but, nevertheless, making a MMO is still a lot of work, even if you have an engine and artwork. And mainaining it is also a lot of work, and requires a lot of experience as well.

Anyway, the invasion system is complete and tested (the testing was not very extensive, but I did check most of the stuff). I'll upload it today on the test server and restart it somtime this evening, so people can also do a little testing, and if everything works fine it will go on the live server by the end of the week.

Recently I was looking for a single player game engine, because I would really like to work in my sparetime at RPG game.
What I am looking for is an engine that meets the following requirements:
1. Multiplatform.
2. Integrated development tools (map editors, terrain editors, importers, etc.)
3. Resonably priced (under 5K USD)
4. Have an embeded scripting language that can be used to create a full game.
5. Good documentation.
6. Resonably wasy to use.

The Torque engine seems pretty close to what I want, but I couldn't find what fuctions does the scripting language provide. For example, does it have stuff such as "line of sight" or "path finding" available to the scripting language?
I e-mailed them asking a few questions, and I got no response at all, which was dissapointing.
Other engines I checked were C4, A6, Crystal Space... But none match my needs.
Originally I wanted to modify the EL engine for a single player game. Unfortunatly, it lacks a lot of stuff that is hard to implement, such as collision detection, scripting support (I'd have to implement it all by myself) and various other goodies.
But eventually I might have to just do it myself, since there seem to be no other options.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out Unity (http://www.unity3d.com) It fits all of your requirements

13/9/06 05:16  
Blogger Radu said...

Yes, that's right, it seems to be a nice engine, and I looked at it as well.
The problem is that it works only on OSX :/

13/9/06 10:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually unity3d works on windows and mac os x, and is written in c# allowing scripting in c# and python. I don't recommend using torque, the source is unreadable and jumbled with very little documentation, forcing high level scripting. I found writing my own engine quicker and less painful than the torque engine.

13/9/06 10:54  
Blogger Radu said...

If it's written in C# I'd rather not use it, because I don't realy like C# and Python.

I am not planning to use the Torque engine, because if they didn't even respond to a simple e-mail asking about some basic stuff, then I guess they will not respond to the tech support e-mails either.

I am afraid I will just have to use the EL engine, and forget about scripting altogether, programming the game in C.

13/9/06 11:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can u update the link of the article to the latest blog as u jumped through gamedev to here. http://www.devmaster.net/articles/mmorpg-postmortem/part5.php

Thnx in advance. Will be trying the game tonight. :)

14/9/06 13:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds nice

9/12/08 08:31  

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