01 September 2006

Moving the webserver to it's final resting place

Or, hopefully the final resting place.
The dedicated machine in France was set up thanks to our great game server host, Klug. He got us a deal with some other French company, which offer dedicated web servers much cheaper than he does. He also set up most of it, and Learner helped too (in fact, did most of the work related to transfering the sites).
I modified the DNS about 30 minutes ago, so now we are waiting for the changes to propagate.

Once this whole thing is over, we will have to focus on moving the game server as well. That will be much more complicated, as we have to eliminate the 1024 connections/process limit. We will be using a newer FreeBSD kernel, so hopefully there will be no problems related to that.

Meanwhile, I am working at making the crown of mana and the crown of life manufacturable. They will be under Crafting, and will require quite a few rare items to make.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While you are working at the crafting skill don't forget the skull/skeleton key pls, there was promised that they will be made craftable too :) I hope this can be done ;-)

1/9/06 20:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Making the Crown of Mana and Life are very interesting ideas, especially for crafters. Just a thought that came to my mind was maybe add a two new enriched versions of items. Alchemists have a wide array of essences (for enrichment), and manufacturers now have a ton of special items they can get, crafters still could use a little more help.

But the thought for making the crowns craftable was create enriched versions of the polished gems. For example, you could call the gems "Shimmering Sapphire" and "Shimmering Ruby" for the enriched polished version of the gems.

While on the topic, maybe adding some enriched versions of the medallions might make it a bit more fair to crafters.

2/9/06 14:52  

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