11 September 2006

The invasions, almost compelete

The invasions and warning NPC are almost complete. I tested them today and except for a few bugs, they work great.
I didn't totally finish them, but tomorrow they should be done, so they will be on the live server this week.

The PK contest went pretty well, although it seemed quite short. It last 30 minutes, but those 30 minutes went by very fast. A video of it is available here.
I guess we will have another PK contest, with different rules, in 2 weeks or so.

Meanwhile, I managed to fuck up my back, I guess it was due to a bad matress combined with lifting a crate that wasn't even that heavy. Now if I try to bend, I have a sharp pain in the left side of the body, in two places. FIY, the correct way of lifting anything is to go near the object, bend your knees, then extend your hand and pick it up, with your back straight. Even if you lift a paper from the floor.
It will eventually go away, but this is a good lesson, so remmeber kids, lift stuff the proper way.


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