28 August 2006

The update 1.3.2 should be tomorrow

Everything is ready, the Windows client, the Linux client, the OSX client.
The test server has been tested, and everything seems to be OK. Unless something happens, I plan to have the update tomorrow evening. We could have done it this weekend, but usually I try not to have the updates in the weekends, because the weekends are busier, and the fewer people downloading the update at the same time, the better.
Some of the new things include:
1. A new map in the gold cave
2. 2 new armors (the augmented leather torso and pants)
3. Quite a few new items (all the 'new' armors and swords now have a rare version, and the new summoning books)
4. 3 new summonable monsters (Arctic Chimeran, Yeti and Giant).
5. The interguild command now requires a guildrank of 6, to prevent abuse.
6. Fixed a very rare bug where you could die twice if you were poisoned during the last hit. That bug has been there for almost 3 years now, and I just found out about it today.
7. Some client bugfixes.

All of the updates besides for the client bug fixes could have been done without a client update (the maps and new items could have been added using the autoupdate feature).

On an unrelated note, our previous host e-mailed me and said that our site didn't cause the problems. Turned out to be a server missconfiguration. He asked us if we want to come back, but now we already made the arangements to move the website to a dedicated machine in France, and even though we will pay twice as much, we'll have unlimited bandwidth, which means we can put the downloads on our own site as well.


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