11 July 2006

Some gameplay adjustments.

The past week I worked at some little adjustments in the game system, as well as adding 3 new potions (Invisibility, True Sight and Poison Antidote).
Some of the adjustments included making some combat spells more expensive to cast, but have a greater effect based on the caster's level.
Some people liked that feature, but many didn't, and as usually, they do not give it some time to see how it works, but bitch before they even try it. Some complained the spells are too powerful. Some complained they are too expensive. Some suggested a 'compromise', making them less powerful and expensive (as if I just slapped the formulas together without giving it a lot of thought).
A simple request for feedback resulted in over 225 posts, in one day. For more info, you can view the thread http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26840 here.

I got frustrated and decided to return the spell system to what it was before this tweak: boring, not very useful, but easy to level up. This should teach the players to actually give the new changes a chance, rather than shooting them down before they try them out for a while. For me, it doesn't really matter, I am OK with both the systems, but I believe that, ironically, it's against the mage's best interest to revert it to what it was. And I say it is ironic because the mages complained the most about how hard it is to level the magic skill now that the spells require more ingredients and mana.

A similar problem occurred with some potion changes, where I made a few weaker potions slightly more useful, and now people are complaining that higher level potions are useless. So I am going to revert those potions to the previous levels as well. Again, I don't care too much about that, it was just an experiment which failed.

Some other changes were relatively well recieved, because most of the people wer enot affected by them. Such as, for example, the newbie helper will heal newbies for free, up to level 17 (exclusive) attack.

I wanted to write more about those tweaks but I didn't sleep one minute last night, so I am up for about 34 hours, which makes writting any coherent though a challange.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People always have to bitch about change, its practically human nature. If you want to listen to the advice of someone who constantly reads you blog, give it a period of time for testing, and then try posting the topic again, just as you did for cooldown (hey, people complained and its already part of the game now).

12/7/06 00:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think this will teach players anything: since it is only human to fear changes, most will be actually happy to have the "known" things back.

As to the thread - you asked for feedback, you got feedback. Next time I'd suggest to wait a while before asking for feedback to ensure that people _did_ try it; probably players would have started their own "feedback"(bitching) threads anyway, so no need to ask for it. And just lock that thread when you start to feel sick about it.

I think that the basic ideas behind these changes were good, but, with all due respect, I don't think any single human is able to see all implications in an environment that grew so complex; it would be helpful to plan such changes with a broader range of players (I'd consider your moderation team a fine choice) who are trustworthy to not use their knowledge for their own gain (like buying cheap vials up front).

12/7/06 04:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, sent the last comment too early (pressed the wrong button) :-)

There was one thing I wanted to add: I am sorry to see that it went so bad. It would be very sad to see all that work and thoughts be lost. It's the programmers fate that your work is never appreciated, however hard you work and think, don't let them bring you down. I hope you wake up with a good idea and are able to shake off that frustration - a good nap often does that to me. I'd be happy to see things added back in, maybe in a more iterative and incremental way - more steps with fewer changes each and some finetuning in between.
Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

12/7/06 05:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please let the new stuff be and dont revert it only because of this ignorants. Didn't we all bitch like hell about the cooldown? It is still in game and nobody is bothered. The spells need to be level independend, it makes no sense if someone who just learned life drain can cause the same damage like someone with magic level 100. Don't know about the potion stuff...

Please think about it again.

12/7/06 08:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think all of the ideas were good and people are just afraid of change, aka pkers afraid that someone might be able to kill them without the high a/d lol. i would say leave it, and in a couple weeks to a month you wont hear any bitching ^_^

12/7/06 14:52  
Blogger Radu said...

Thanks for the comments.
They make sense, but if I do that then the enxt update people will act the same way, and so on. I am kind of tired of working my ass off for an update then hearing a lot of negative feedback.
Removing the things I consider good for the players (such as the extra mana from those potions, or the extra healing ability) might deter them from doing so again.

12/7/06 16:36  
Blogger hyperion said...

ent if you'd do that you'd punish a lot of innocent players for a hand full of bitchers... and you know that. you also know you are still doing a good job with the game, altho some changes are not fun or the way I want it do be(like CD :P) I just accept it and addapt. thats the nature of roleplaying... and if you do it well you can have fun while at it aswell.

but not everybody can do that and will quit or start bitching at you... this happens... humans are complicated beings you know... but for every single person that quits you get atleast 5 back a day so whats 1 person to you?

overal you did a great job IMHO even tho I dissagree on some points. I still enjoy playing the game after over 2 years and try to play it to relax and get away from RL.

my 2 cents as the_piper would say

SniperJ89 known as Hyperion ingame atm.

12/7/06 21:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you give people the opportunity to bitch they will. If every one's quiet, that's when you should be worried.

I think you should give it another try. I didn't feel people where against the changes but more so it needed adjusting, without really knowing. Nobody got to spend much time or put as much thought into it as you. So all opinions were based on initial reaction to the changes.

Good, bad or indifferent is how all change is met. Doesn't mean the change reflects the opinions.

14/7/06 10:07  
Blogger the_antiroot said...

There is little to say othar than that which is already posted here.

You work your butt off enhancing EL for all of us, and the vast majority trully appreciate this.

Unfortunatly the volume level of the dissenting minority was louder, as it shall always be. It is simply human nature.
I would guess this is similair to the fact that bad news spreads 7 times faster than good news. Its just the way things are.

Perhaps it is too late now, I do however have to agree with the others that those that were bitching wont learn from this, Its just the way people are.

I would have to say that whether with these rolled back changes or future changes you just have to do it as cooldown was implemented.
Say its happenent, its going to be tested for [insert period] and you are not going to bitch about it till you have seen the effect of the changes for the duration of the test period.

Anyway, hats off, you still have me addicted to EL after 2 1/2 years, and I have loved watching the game evolve over this time.

15/7/06 06:04  

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