19 July 2006

Moving the website

Today I got an e-mail from our host, letting us know he is moving our website on some other machine. He did most of the stuff, I just had to change the name servers.
It took a while for the DNS changes to propagate, but now everything seems to be working fine.

Speaking of moving servers, we are also in the process of getting a new machine for the EL server. This current machine is a Dual P3, 1GB RAM, 1.1 Ghz.
Initially we wanted to get an AMD FX2 3800+ (dual core), but it seems that FreeBSD 6.x did not work on the MB we were supposed to get, so we'll go for a Xeon 3 Ghz, double core.
We'll still use the same host, we are with them for 3 years now, and never had problems (we had maybe 50 hours of total downtime in 3 years).

The whole server should be around 950 Euro, but we also have to pay the VAT for it. So with the bank fees, VAT and other things, we'll be paying something like 1700 USD. Not bad, considering that this server should last for quite a while.
If everything goes as planned, we should be on the new server somewhere in late August or September.

Speaking of that, me and Learner talked about the 1024 files/process limit in FreeBSD. Our server uses only one process/thread, so we will need to lift this limit to something like 4096 (each socket connection counts as a file).
Fortunately it seems relatively easy to increase this limit, but it requires recompiling SDL_net and using ulimit as root, to increase the global file limits.
So anyway, as son as we get that server, we'll start playing with the files limit, and once we fix it, we'll switch the servers, which should be relatively easy to do, although it will require some downtime (something like a few hours, if everything goes well).


Blogger CJ Millisock said...

I just found your comment on the Digg post about the WoW player with cancer.

From your Digg profile, I found this site, and from this site, I checked out your MMORPG. VERY impressive my friend. I wish you all the success in the world!

21/7/06 22:55  

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