27 June 2006

The update delayed for a few days

We were planning to release the update today, but unfortunately Learner had to go away for a few days, I can't really update without him; there have been a lot of changes, some mine, some his, and it's a good idea to have him around in case something goes wrong with the server.
This is not really a bad thing, because this way the final release candidate can be tested a little more, and the test server can also be tested. Better to have a nice and stable update than having to have a rollback a few days after.

Other than that, it would seem that everything is good, the final RC seems pretty stable, the map bugs have been pretty much ironed out (and the remaining bugs can be fixed with only a small server update).

Some people have requested a few more high level monsters, because there is a fight on their spawns. This is resonable, since the oldest player is playing for at most 2 years (in fact more than that, but 2 years ago there has been a total crash, and all the data was lost).
So now a lot of players are pretty high in their fighting skills, which means that more high level monsters are needed.

We have anticipated such a request, and now there are 3 new monsters. One monster is a hobgoblin (not really high level, just fills in some gaps), a giant (the strongest monster in the game, will require a team to take down), and an yeti, which is a little lower level than the giant, so really high level players with good gear can take him down. There are about 5 spawns for the yeti, and about 5 for the giant.
Those monsters are already on the test server, so people can go and try them out. In fact, we encourage them to do so, because this will allow us to tune them in case they are too weak. So if you are a high level EL player, grap the RC2 from here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26343 and go find them :)

As for an ETA for the update, we really HOPE we can get it done this weekend or earlier, but no promise, ok?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I have been a bit too nosy. I noticed the references to those three new monsters when they got into the client a couple of weeks ago, and since the talks about the server update I have been running around all maps (everything likely, from grubani to hulda plus new maps) on the test server in order to find the new monsters. I expected them to be a suprise gift, next time I'll wait until you announce them :-)

28/6/06 07:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! ya sound real tired! I am sure there r heaps of ppl(srry i mean addicts) who reaaly appreciate all of your effors on continuing the put the work into developing this game. I just wanted to say the we REALLY appreciate the hours you have spent. Because in MY opinion they have beeen REALLY well spent! (elmer fudd voice) 'my name is fill an' I'm_an el_olic! 'oos sellen SR's cheep? pm_e!'

28/6/06 08:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks radu, we appreciate you and roja's and Learners work.. :)

1/7/06 12:14  

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