18 May 2006

Some unexpected problems with the hydrogenium

Well, we were supposed to have an update this week, to introduce the hydrogenium ore and bars.
Unfortunately, this is not possible because someone pointed out to me, in a PM, that there is a 'shortcut' to the ore, using the teleport to range spell. This shortcut not only that reduces the time taken to go and harvest, but it also greatly reduces the danger, as the dangerous PK map can be avoided.

What can be done is to modify the map a little, so that the distance is too far, and the teleport to range spell will fail. Unfortunately, although it is possible to autoupdate the maps, we have too many files already that are autoupdated, so we are waiting for the next client update, which should be in mid to late June. The hydrogenium ore is pretty useless until then anyway, because there is nothing that can be done with it prior to the update.


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